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Nine Illustrators Part 1

Nine Illustrators Portfolo Index of Artists Vol 14

The fourteenth Issue of the marketing portfolio for the Chicago artist group known as the Nine Illustrators, which included an invoice for it's for the brochure printing in 1961, I found in my grandfathers papers, and wondered where his peers ended up, finding most of them with references on the web, some had been extremely prolific in their lifetimes, while some had very little or no content that I was able to find in the search results.  

My grandfather, John C. Howard, was one of the later, and Spectarama is my first effort to begin to remedy his notoriety. Although his early death at age 60, in 1965, certainly limited his output, he definitely had a number of high profile clients, and did some really iconic pieces. 

I am uncertain of the origin of the Nine Illustrators group. I have only found the 14th issue (so far), but I found on the fishink blog a few of the pages of issue number 9, which has images of the nine men in the group at this time, which included John Howard, but was too blurry for me to positively confirm the identities of the other 7 (the article was on Joseph Pearson) but I didn't see any women in issue 9, and I believe Phoebe Moore to be of the female persuasion.  The invoice for issue 14 shows John Howard as the customer, so I'm not sure he was the founder of the group, but by the time issue 14 came around, he was at least responsible for the printing of the brochures. 

Follows is some of the content from Nine Illustrators Issue 14:

Too often buyers of art ask, "How is it done?," not "What has it got to say?." Too often their interest has dwelt on technique, style or paint quality, forgetting that a good illustrator is a story teller. Next time you have a story-telling job, call on the the nine experts in this portfolio. He will appreciate the opportunity of using his skills early in the creative process. Don't wait until all you are buying is technique. It is poor business to get half of what you pay for.